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If intercourse is painful for you or you have uncomfortable vaginal dryness, consider MonaLisa Touch® laser therapy at the office of Andrea Reiche, MD, Inc. in Van Nuys, California. Dr. Reiche specializes in the full range of female healthcare and offers confidential MonaLisa Touch therapy to restore your pelvic health. Call the office to book an appointment or use the online scheduler.

MonaLisa Touch Q & A

What is vaginal atrophy?

As you get older and your estrogen levels decrease, you may experience vaginal atrophy, a thinning of the walls of your vagina. The condition also causes a number of other symptoms, such as:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Painful intercourse
  • Vaginal burning and itching
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal laxity

Vaginal atrophy also makes you more susceptible to recurrent urinary tract infections.

What is MonaLisa Touch®?

If you suffer from the troubling symptoms of vaginal atrophy, MonaLisa Touch is for you. It’s an innovative laser device that the team at Andrea Reiche, MD, Inc. uses specifically for the treatment of vaginal atrophy. There’s no rejuvenation associated with the service because it triggers your body’s own healing abilities. 

MonaLisa Touch features a wand-shaped probe that your provider gently inserts into your vagina. Laser energy deploys throughout your vagina, strengthening your vaginal walls by boosting blood flow and stimulating collagen and elastin production.

For weeks to come, your body continues generating new collagen and elastin, which helps your vagina regain its vital elasticity. MonaLisa Touch also improves your body’s ability to produce its natural lubricants and balances your pH levels.

Who is a candidate for MonaLisa Touch laser therapy?

If you’re struggling with vaginal symptoms related to a depletion of hormones, MonaLisa Touch is a great way to restore balance to your body. Target candidates for MonaLisa Touch laser therapy are women who:

  • Are entering or postmenopausal
  • Have had a hysterectomy

Women who are recovering from cancer treatments also benefit from vaginal laser treatments.

How many MonaLisa Touch treatments do I need?

Dr. Reiche meets with you to determine the severity of your vaginal atrophy. She customizes a plan that meets your needs and goals. In general, most women respond well to one to three treatments that are spaced about six weeks apart. 

After your initial consultation with your provider, you’ll know how many treatments you’ll need to maximize your results.

To learn more about MonaLisa Touch, call or go online today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Reiche.